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The Hotel Madera entrance awning on New Hampshire Ave.

Our Story

Hotel Madera

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The Timeless Charm of Hotel Madera

Just like the fountain that bears Dupont Circle’s name, Hotel Madera has been a fixture of this quirky area and a beloved neighborhood hangout since it opened. We celebrate the enduring elements that make us special.

Experience thoughtful design, warm staff, and a sense of peace, privacy, and ease when you walk through the door. We welcome guests as part of our family, like members of an exclusive club. Enjoy our friendly atmosphere and perfect location, our small-groups-only approach to meetings, and spacious guest rooms and suites with roomy balconies. Firefly is poised to be a favorite among locals—a second home.

Embracing Timeless Elegance

We’re about timeless elegance, a haven where you step away from the grind of the city into your own calm stillness. From the moment you arrive, the intimate lobby feels private, with a hint of a lively edge. Our stylish lounge, bright by day and moody by night, is always whimsical, playful, and unexpectedly tailored. It's comfortably inviting, like a familiar neighborhood haunt.

Mural of bright flowers Mural by Red Swan Walls

Your Calming Retreat

On the journey to your room, you’re transported to your private urban escape. Calming colors, compelling textures, and rich details create an inspired sense of calm and creative artwork and design catch you a little off guard in the very best way. Only nine extraordinarily spacious guest rooms per floor, with either windows that open or a generous balcony, give you plenty of space to breathe and make you feel right at home. Disconnect or stay connected, whatever your preference is, your room is ready to play the part.

Our Story

Pull Up Your Favorite Seat

Dining takes on a new meaning in our open space and a cozy lounge, acting as an open invitation to people passing by, making it our neighborhood's proud local hangout. There’s a comfort and ease to the vibe here that makes you want to stay just a little longer. Fresh and uncomplicated. Comfortable and inviting. New American cuisine is not too far from the kind of comfort food you always crave. Our easy vibe makes this the kind of place that feels like a second home.

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Perfect Location

The Dupont Circle fountain is a social gathering spot in our beloved neighborhood, home to many of DC’s prestigious museums, embassies, and cultural events. A historic district with unexpected layers, like a former trolley station turned art museum, as well as DC’s most unique bistros, bars, boutiques, and bookstores. At Hotel Madera, we’re a reflection of our surroundings—where old meets new, classic meets unexpected, and you feel like you’re exactly where you belong.

Washington Monument in spring

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The Hotel Madera entrance awning on New Hampshire Ave.