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A row of colorful townhouses

The Neighborhoods of DC

Well, a few of them

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The Many Sides of Washington

Obviously, we think our own backyard is the coolest place around. But DC is full of dynamic, vibrant neighborhoods with a diverse range of history, architecture, vibes, and culture. Here are a few of our favorites. Now go on, get out and discover yours.

Dupont Circle

Edgy, unexpected, quirky. Dupont attracts the curious, thanks to its abundance of museums, galleries, and important landmarks. And we love it.

A statue of a woman or man in the middle of a circular fountain

Foggy Bottom

Between the White House and Georgetown and south of Dupont Circle, find a distinguished neighborhood where the fog lingers a little, hence the name.

A row of colorful townhouses

Logan Circle

This hip district is the second best circle in the city. Victorian homes, colorful storefronts, fashion, decor, restaurants, and more.

U Street & 14th

Birthplace of legendary DC hero, jazz musician Duke Ellington. Need we say more? OK, how about mecca for music lovers, exciting food scene and some of the richest culture in the city.

A woman and a man laughing and enjoying a drink

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