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A man takes notes with a pen during a business meeting at Hotel Madera

Small Events, Big Love

Where the spotlight’s always on you.

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No Giant Ballrooms Here.

Warm and inviting. We approach events just like we welcome every guest to Hotel Madera. But like the dynamic neighborhood we find ourselves in, we’re not afraid to show our quirky and eclectic side. There’s an easy vibe here that carries into everything we do, and every group that comes through our doors. We like to make you feel like you’re part of a private club (only not as stuffy). With the kind of personalized attention to detail that makes you feel like you’re the only guest in the room.


Who says bigger is better?

Some people dream of a huge glamorous wedding in a large elegant ballroom. Not you. And that’s great, because that’s not us, either. Hotel Madera is for people who want to keep the guest list short and the wedding just the way they want it. Small. Intimate. Special beyond imagination. We’ll take care of all the details you expect. And maybe come up with a few that you didn’t.

A couple embrace on their wedding day at Hotel Madera

Private Events

All of the atmosphere and charm of Madera. All for you.

A private celebration for five, a celebratory occasion for 110. Rehearsal dinners, farewell brunches, baby or bridal showers. Book one of our private rooms for an intimate office happy hour or take over the entire restaurant (up to 50 with social distancing). We don’t care what the event is. But we sure will help you make it special.

A table is set with cutlery and entrées

Business Meetings

Who knew work could be so inspiring.

Small, private exclusive meetings are just that because we only welcome one group at a time into our world. There’s no figuring out the ballroom schedule or coming across other guests with lanyards around their necks. We’re all yours.

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